No breakfast, brush teeth

Mind blown.

It all started when I watched this video:

Maybe someone in the past had told me to skip breakfast for this reason or that. But this one was totally different.

Cynthia Thurlow goes on to explain that having a very small eating window naturally helps reduce calorie intake. I’ve been trying it now for two days… The first thing I noticed is that I wasn’t hungry…Probably because I wasn’t eating, starting that feeling of needing to eat constantly through the entire morning. I’m also usually pretty busy in the morning so I don’t notice if I’m not eating as much as I would if it was in the afternoon or the evening.

The second thing I noticed, is that I didn’t feel gassy or bloated or Burpee right away in the morning.

Let me back up a second.

My morning routine, “even when I’m on a diet,” starts like this:

1. wake up

2. read my Bible

3. drink a cup-o-coffee

4. start to feel gassy, bloated, and burpee right away.

I’m going to continue to give this a try because so far I just feel better in the morning. Maybe I’m not starting my “metabolism” first in the morning but I feel much better already.

The third thing I’m noticing is that even if I try really hard to eat more, I just can’t. There just isn’t enough time from 11AM-7PM to eat that much food. This would show, that what Cynthia Thurlow has said about reducing caloric intake naturally, just happens.

Oh and one more thing.

I have a really bad habit of not brushing my teeth every morning because I’m drinking a cup of coffee and getting ready for work and then drinking another cup of coffee and blah blah blah…really bad habit. So, because I’m drinking a cup of coffee at around 5 AM in the morning, and then not eating breakfast, it’s much easier to brush my teeth. It’s obviously a much better routine than my previous one.

I also noticed that when I brush my teeth in the morning, I definitely do not feel like eating.

Happy healthy!