Sometimes when you’re eating out (or eating in) you don’t have time to track your calories. Mom and pop restaurants don’t figure out calories for their menus and when you’re cooking a meal for 6, measuring, calculating, tabulating and creating a serving size is downright impossible. I’m creating this guide to help you get a general idea of calories if you’re eating certain types of basic meals. I create a “food” on my lost it app for occasions such as these. It’s simply called “Food” and it is 100 calories for each serving. I guesstimate the calories for the meal, and track it with the app. Be sure to OVERESTIMATE if you are serious about losing or maintaining weight. There are also links at the bottom for other great resources.



Mac and cheese – homemade

Salt water taffy – 160 calories for 7 pieces

Common Fast Food Restaurants:

I’m not a fast food advocate, but if you must eat…think. If you’re on the road a lot, consider the subway diet.





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Calorific App (DISCLAIMER – it has a similar name as this site, but we did not make it!)