What’s your turning point?

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything so I want to get some thoughts down here.

Over the past few weeks I’ve managed to keep my weight between 158 and 163. To be frank it has been a struggle. I started listening to the four hour body by Tim Ferris and there is some very thought-provoking ideas in that book. It isn’t really at the level that I would recommend reading such a book but he has different advice than a lot of other people.

I’m still tracking almost every day except for Saturdays which I am now considering a free day. I’ve eaten through one Holiday and one family reunion both of them landing on the weekends. I haven’t tracked to try to keep peace with my family and I pretty much ate whatever I wanted to on those days. Then when I get back to the weekdays are usually eat super conservative and I’ve been so busy with work but I haven’t had time to gorge myself.

I’m continuing to bike with Navin once a week which is great for exercise but it’s all I’ve really had time for.

I really just want to take a moment and encourage anyone who is thinking about starting a new diet or losing weight or making any change for the better in their life.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before and we all know this but start today! You can do it. For some people it helps to make small changes slowly over time and get used to change. For others, like myself, it helps to make a giant change so that I start to see results and stay motivated.

Tim Ferris had an interesting premise in his book that he called the “Harajuku moment” (read more about it here). This concept is based on a city in Japan but basically the premise is there’s a turning point for everyone who decides to make a change. My turning point with at the beginning of this year when I realized that I was sluggish I just felt heavy my largest pant size weren’t even fitting well anymore. I’m getting older and I just can’t eat whatever I want to eat anymore. For me it was the amount of food. I started eating and tracking calories and that works for me. But if it doesn’t work for you I would encourage you to just keep looking! I recently had a discussion with a couple people who realized that I looked thinner. And they were both saying oh yeah I need to lose weight too… But I just love food. Well I do too! But you have to read train your body to eat less of it. Then you can still leave the things that you enjoy you just don’t have to be a glutton about it. For those of us who are Christians, like me, the Bible specifically says don’t be a glutton. OK, this is the blog about food, so I’ll get back on track.

Couple of updates:

I’ve spoken with Ian and plan to do another podcast with him soon and a follow up on his eating. In the meantime he has not been able to keep up with his cucumber and tomato salad replacement lunch every day. I’d like to discover why?

I also just had a biking trip with not been this morning and we had a great ride. It was good to just get out enjoy the fresh air and do some form of exercise. He and I have both been sitting a lot he’s been traveling and I’ve been sitting at a computer editing. I asked him how he was doing his challenge to eat fruit instead of refined sugar is like cookies and ice cream at night. He said it was good that I took away his box of cookies and it helped him for a few days… But then he fell back into old habits. Once again I’d like to know why?

The topic of this blog post, what is the turning point or moment that makes us want to change… And then follow through with it.

Please comment below and let me know your thoughts. I’m on a search to discover not only how to keep maintaining this weight-loss for myself, but how to eat healthier, and how to help others with the dad-bod or growing waistline do the same. Thank you!