Calories in, calories out


Is it really this simple? Just eat less and lose weight? What about the types of foods? Fat? Salt? Sugar?

When I was in high school, I could eat anything and not gain weight. This is probably the case for just about everyone.

In college, the trend continued (the eating, not the weight).

After college, my favorite work out regime was Body for life. It’s a relatively simple plan, great work working out and building muscle. Looking back, it lacks proper portion control.

More recently, I’ve discovered that one of the best and most motivating ways to loose weight quickly is with calorie counting.

When My second child was born (2012) I was at my heaviest. Around 200 lbs. I know, I know…not very heavy. I come from a family of skinny people. So adding 50 lbs from 2004 to 2012 felt like a lot. I could feel my body chemistry changing, my metabolism slowing down. So, I found “lose it” (app) and gave it a try. I lost 40 lbs in the early summer of 2012. But then…after it was over I slowly gained it back.

I had changed my weight, but not my mind.

Now I’m back again. Lose it is still my go to app. Most of my favorites are stored. I have recipes, recent meals and the barcode reader is a major time saver. I’d recommend it to anyone.

It’s 2016 (early summer again). I started around 190 and as of this writing, I’m down to 161.5. My goal weight is 160. Now here comes the real challenge. How to keep it off this time. That’s why I’ve started this blog…to learn, explore, catalog and retain some of this weight loss. Maybe it can help others…maybe just me. In any case, It’s done it’s job.

Early on in this particular weight loss experience, I hit a minor plateau. It was around 176 lbs and a few days past with no weight loss. I did some research into the whole calories in, calories out thing and discovered a lot. Sugar is the worst, don’t drink your calories (it’s usually a lot, and doesn’t fill you up). Then, after feeling like I hit a wall, I had my “Ah-ha” moment. This was it – “STAY THE COURSE.” I decided that what ever happened…no matter how hungry I got, how many binge craving for sugar I got, I would stay the course until I hit my goal weight. From then on, I doubled down on tracking calories. If I thought it may be around 400 calories for a meal, I logged it as 450. During some of my reading, I discovered one of the main reasons people can’t loose weight on CICO, is because they are mis-tracking their calories…

After a couple more days, I kept tracking and my weight continued to drop.

Now, here’s the challenge for me and anyone who has had weight loss success:


I’m not young anymore. I’m not super old (34), but not young. I can’t eat french fries until I “feel” full or grab the container of ice cream and sit in bed watching TV late at night any more.

From here, I can only say one thing – Stay the course.

Keep the calories intake lower. Don’t over eat (this is what triggered me to start eating slim again). I felt like I was mindlessly eating. Don’t binge on large amounts of food.

Low calorie, good food breakfast

Salad meal replacement for lunch

Dinner – keep it healthy and filling.

Snacks and treats…only once and a while.

What are your thoughts on calorie tracking and has it worked for you? Comment below. I’ve love to hear your thoughts and challenges.



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  1. Navin

    Hey Andrew,

    This is a great blog. Keep it up – it is encouraging to me. Sugar will be my hardest enemy to defeat…glad to hear you’re on track, staying the course.

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