Low/No Calorie Condiments


When I originally ran a search on the Google for this information it came back with some very strange results and nothing that I actually wanted. Most of the results were variations on regular condiments where you made them yourself and spent too much time. Some of them were just weird made with quinoa and freekah and some other things that are not as easy to come by. Don’t get me wrong I love those healthy options but here some regular, normal, American options when you want to top a sandwich or add a little flavor.

No Calorie Condiments:

Sure everything has some calories but if you look at the back of the container it usually says zero. I’m going to run with this…so you can have as much of it as you want.


Mustard (the regular kind, not the brown or other variations)

Pickles (make sure to look at the back of the jar and make sure they are the 0 cal pickles. If it says butter chips… Not 0 cal.)

NEEDS UPDATe: Other herbs and spices…most will not be of significant caloric content

Low Calorie Condiments:





Mushrooms (not sautéed in butter)



Low or no calorie condiments, toppings, seasonings

Some people say that when you’re trying to eat a healthy diet your food has to be bland… I disagree

Also when you start to eat less processed and less sugar-based foods your taste buds will start to recognize the flavors naturally in the food.

For example if you always put salt-and-pepper on your eggs try eating plain eggs for a while while eating other plain items in those eggs will start to have more flavor in and of themselves.

Same with plain roasted chicken or mashed potatoes without butter and gravy…