What can counting calories teach you?

Learning to eat healthy is a process, but it will catch up to you.

Foods will start to taste good again!


When you start learning about certain foods and the calories in food you’ll really want to start eating healthier because you get more bang for your buck.

Here’s an example: if you had 1 tablespoon of oil, that would be 100 calories but in that same token you could eat like a whole bag of broccoli and that would be 100 calories, but you’ll feel more full and it will be better for you.

Here’s another, more practical example:

If you start looking at premade sandwiches or you look at fast food restaurant meals you’ll find the calorie amount is a lot higher than any home cook solution.

The other part of that is you can choose to leave certain items out.

I was looking at premade subs sandwiches the other day at Meijer (like walmart) and they were easily over 500 cal each. I started to wonder “why are they over 500 each when you can go to Subway and get many sandwiches for 300 – 330 calories each?”

When I dug a little deeper, I noticed that the difference was the cheese. They all included cheese!!

When you make it at home or you go to Subway you can choose to get your sandwich without cheese and load it with lo-cal vegetables instead .

Here’s another example when we’re talking about calories for the entire day:

Let’s say you had a good healthy breakfast, well-balanced of eggs (with veggies) and oatmeal. This would be roughly 340 calories.

Then for lunch you had a simple salad but just a little bit of salad dressing so maybe for lunch you feel very full but you’re only eating about 100 calories total.

This would easily leave you 800 cal for dinner (if you’re on the losing weight track) and it would give you something to think about and something to look forward to.

When dinner rolls around you decided that you were going to have a cheeseburger. You’re preparing the cheeseburger and you notice that the burger itself has 390 calories. The bun has 150 but you have another option in your fridge that has 110. You put a few condiments on it, a little bit of ketchup, a lot of mustard, and some other no or low-calorie condiments like tomato, lettuce, onion, and pickles. When you get to the cheese you realize that one slice is 120 calories!

I wouldn’t recommend doing this every day but you could also have a scoop of ice cream and that would be 150 cal. Or you could have a cookie that’s 130 cal.

My point is…if you’re cheese person, have the cheese. If you’re a sweets person, have the sweets. But when you’re counting calories it’s very likely that you can’t have both.

And that’s the difference between eating your calories or being a glutton. What many of us have done before, was to simply indulge on whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted and you felt overweight…you felt sick and you felt tired. So, pick your meals carefully. Plan ahead. Vary your meals and don’t get in a rut having something sweet too much.